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8 Typing Jobs for Fast Typists and Texters

In a digital economy where content is king, typists and texters quickly discover that speed is the key to increased revenue. And if you can type or send a text with lightning-speed thumbs and nimble fingers, hundreds of organizations offer live pay, full-time and part-time employment, and independent contractor positions. So heat those numbers; It's time to put your typing skills into practice by typing regularly with software.

Advanced typing skills no longer require a job just for professionals like secretaries, transcriptionists, or translators.

No matter what your business is, your life revolves around keyboards and smartphones, so your typing ability must be at least better than average.

When you think about how people live up to their keyboarding skills, it’s no coincidence that more and more people want to learn to type fast.

Common Skill Requirements

Employers always appreciate strong keyboarding skills and are happy to accept less experienced applicants unless strictly required typing tasks are performed. Why? They are cheap or do not require highly qualified typists for the job.

Key skills to get good typing jobs

  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent writing and spelling skills
  • Attention to detail. Willingness to re-edit
  • Accurate 10-finger-key skills

Typing Jobs Requiring Fast Typing Skills

We refer to ‘speeds’ as being at least 60 Wpm or higher. This is necessary to find a typing job in a company or organization. However, most of these typing jobs can be outsourced. However, wages will fall at a faster pace per hour.

1.Transcriptionist or Transcriber

1.Transcriptionist or Transcriber

Transcribers (or audio typists) type content into documents while listening to a tape or recording. It is a commercial space that can be used in many different areas, including medical, legal, or audio-visual type transliteration, which are often specialized.

As a transcription writer, fast typists can type easily because it is a growing field and most people do not need speed and accuracy. In addition to accurate and fast skills, you also need to have good listening skills and broad knowledge of the subject you are rewriting, which helps you avoid mistakes.

Transliteration is a typing job that requires more precision than speed, although both are equally important. Home or part-time transcription writer typing jobs are great for starting to gather experience. A medical transceiver can do between $ 50 and $ 75 per audio hour.



The translation is another type of on-demand typist job. It translates professional books, articles, website content, reports, and other written material from one language to another. Most translation jobs offer options and flexible quotas whenever you want. Some translators also work as transcribers and provide subtitles for foreign language videos and audio.

Although you will get jobs in the same category with translation and interpretation, they are different in nature. Translation usually involves translating written material, while interpretation involves translating live conversations or speeches.

3.Data Entry

Data entry

Data entries fill out business forms, add information to the database, update tables, and information errors. Normally, employers combine their roles with other remote locations, such as secretaries, writers, customer support experts, or abstractors. However, Virtual Vocation still posts data entry clerical jobs for full-time and part-time employees as well as for independent contractors.

If you are hired by a company, you may need to prove some of your skills. However, there are many online typing jobs in this area that accept the average speed. You must be able to meet deadlines and high accuracy standards. These important skills will remain when you want to work outdoors in this area.

4.Chat Agent

One of the most popular typist jobs is the live chat agent. As part of the customer service department, these individuals provide real-time support through a messaging system built into the company's website. So, customers can visit the company’s website, open a chat window and get the help they need without having to stop on the phone for the next available representative.

Although some chat agents are artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, companies need real live people to monitor activity and answer questions that robots still can't handle. So, if you have customer service or online sales experience and you want to avoid talking on the phone, live chat agent jobs can be your meal tickets.

5.Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help managers and leaders keep schedules, schedule meetings, schedule events, respond to inquiries, update social media accounts, and interact with suppliers, customers, and other affiliates. They do more than just take notes and make appointments. Digital-age virtual assistants have the technical knowledge, analytical skills, and business skills that make them members of the management team.

Some business executives work as virtual assistants, where they provide business administration support to upper management and C-Suite leaders (e.g. CEOs). Such positions usually require a bit more experience and skills, yet they often come with a higher salary.



Remote writing jobs extend to all industries and expert levels. Many entry-level positions include online content writing, copywriting, and social media copying. There are also business proposals, grants, contracts, and jobs related to medical, legal, science, and technical subjects. Although this is a more creative job, speed is important, as it makes for top typist jobs.

The nice thing about writing is that you can transfer to a virtual writer position from whatever field you’re in, given you have adequate grammar and composition skills. For example, if you are an accountant who likes to educate others on taxes and investments, you can easily get a writer's job for online financial companies across the country.



Telecommute editor jobs fall into one of two categories: proofreader or content manager. Proofreaders review content for grammar, spelling, and consistency. They also confirm factual accuracy and ensure that the style and tone are right for the audience.

Content managers run publications, lead a team of authors, create editorial calendars with themes and topics, and hire staff and independent writers. They can either assign proofreading tasks to other editors or create the content themselves before publication. They also set social media guidelines and ensure that content is disseminated on relevant media.

While editing job writing or transcription positions may not be as intensive, it is important to use the keyboard immediately to communicate with team members, report to top management, refine content, and post created pieces online.

Now don't take these editorial jobs lightly. According to Grand View Research, the enterprise content management (ECM) industry will grow to $94 billion by 2025. ECM includes the management of documents, web content, records, and digital rights. Although such responsibilities do not always come in the editorial role, editors are important members of the ECM team for large, global corporations.

8.Social Media

social media job

Social media marketers write copy, take photos, post images and engage audiences by responding to comments, share related posts, like other people’s posts, and connect with followers and other businesses. They usually work on editorial or marketing teams and comply with the company’s branding and advertising requirements.

Some social media marketers even manage teams of social media experts, assign tasks, and lead projects as content managers or editors do. Regardless of rank, many social media marketers can do their job from a mobile device anywhere in the world.


Fast keyboard skills open up many career paths and there are many other fields where typing is a must. If you are considering any type of typing job then you need to be at the best of your abilities. Even if this is not the focus of your work, you will find it to be much more efficient if you can type in the 45-60 WPM range. In both cases, if you are 100% efficient, fast and accurate as a typist, it will help you in your career advancement.